Emms Cubango Eco Camp Namibia

- welcome to a Sustainable and Authentic Caprivi Experience

Escape to a sustainable Oasis in Caprivi, Nambia at Emms Cubango Eco Camp. Immerse yourself in the Mbukushu tradition with our stunning campsite designed using locally sourced materials and crafted by skilled artisans.

Powered entirely by solar energy, our camp boast a state-of-art water purifying system ensuring you can enjoy the refreshing taste drinking water while basking in the tranquil beauty of the Kavango River. With a beautiful island teeming with hippos just steps away from your tent.


Emms Cubango Eco Camp is the ultimate destination for eco-conscious travelers and nature lovers seeking a unique, sustainable and culturally rich experience in the Caprivi Strip.


We aim to inspire our guest to appreciate and protect the natural beauty of Nature for generations to come.

Experience Sustainable and culturally rich Camping

at Emms Cubango Ecological Camp Bagani/Caprivi


How We make Your Experience in the Caprivi Strip worthwile

What makes Our Eco Camp an authentic Experience

Cultural Preservation


The camp is designed in the style of the local Mbukushu tradition, and only locals with knowledge of the ancient art of reed work were involved in its construction. It is our highest aim to preserve and support the local culture. 

Sustainable Tourism


The camp is built using materials from the local area, and solar energy is used to power it. By providing a unique and sustainable experience, we aim to inspire our guests to appreciate and protect the natural beauty of Namibia for generations to come.

 Water Conservation


The camp has a state-of-the-art Swiss-made water purifying system, reflecting our dedication to responsible resource management and water conservation .

Natural Environment


We are located directly on the bank of the Kavango River, with a stunning island full of hippos just steps away from our campsite. The camp is located alongside the Kavango River and has a beautiful island in front of it, which is home to many hippos. We promote sustainable tourism practices that do not harm local wildlife.

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